Who are we looking for?

If you are entrepreneurs or companies with innovative ideas which support our vision to promote Innovation and entrepreneurship at HaMa'ayanot Valley and the region - we are looking for you! In order for us to start the process, please fill out the short questionnaire below and we will reach back to you soon.

How to start?

Submit the application by completing the attached questionnaire Click "Apply" at the end. Our Management team will review your request. If you are found to be a fit, we will continue to the next step.

We will send you an extended questionnaire asking you to fill out all relevant information. Among other things, we will examine the structure of your group, the structure of the global market and the target audience, the potential for integration with existing enterprises, evaluation mechanisms and more.

The screening committee of the Accelerator/Incubator will invite you to present your project. The members of the committee will include the Innovally management, owners and professional consultants who will be assigned according to the nature of the project. After the meeting, we will contact you regarding the final decision.

* Please note that preference will be given to projects that can fit a relevant sponsor from within the local industries or potential investors.

Think you’re a fit? Let’s start!

    select from the list: Field of entrepreneurship

    Describe your project

    Tell us about the idea you want to bring to InnoValley. The description should be short and concise and include your main goal and at what stage you are on the way to achieving it. Please focus on:

    1. What is your product or service and what should it serve?

    2. What is the main purpose of your product/service, and what stage are you currently in?

    3. Who are your partners?

    4. Does the project have financial/budget plan?

    5. Have you raised funds? If so, what is the amount of funding?

    6. Can any of our partners contribute to the development of your project?

    And who are you?

    Tell us about yourself in a few sentences: how many people are on your team, why did you join your field and any other relevant information that will help us build a broader picture of your project.

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